Two Campuses, One-of-a-kind Spaceport

The northernmost part of the Spaceport America property is focused on horizontal space launch activities. It contains the 12,000′ x 200′ 16-34 Spaceway, standby 24/7 security and emergency response, full road access, and a complete suite of power, fiber, water/wastewater utilities. Approximately 260 acres, including airfield and non-airfield parcels are ready for development.

The easternmost portion of the Spaceport America property is focused on vertical space launch activities. It features three primary launch complexes, unbeatable privacy and remoteness, power & wireless fiber utilities, and the site’s most affordable lease rates. Approximately 100 acres, including launch complex and test site parcels are ready for development.

Infrastructure / Services Specifications

Download a fact sheet on Spaceport America’s utility infrastructure and staff services to learn more about our capabilities.



Contact the New Mexico Spaceport Authority at +1-575-267-8500 or via the Contact Us form and design your own spaceport today!

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